Konmeichi no shoji (a type of standing screen) (昆明池障子)

Konmeichi no shoji is a tsuitate shoji (a partitioning screen, which stood between Hirobisashi no futama of Seiryo-den Imperial palace and ue no mitsubone - a kind of room). It is also pronounced "Komeichi no shoji." It was described in "Ban Dainagon Emaki" (illustrated scroll of the story of a courtier Ban Dainagon).

Height is 182 cm, and width 273 cm. Kamachi (a frame) and legs are black lacquered. Ryokukaranishiki (Chinese brocade) is used. Metal used is gilt bronze. Konmeichi pond was painted on the face (south side), and Sagano Kotakagari (falconry at Sagano) was painted on the back (north side).

Kunming pond, 40 shiri around, was made by Han Wudi for military training preparing for war on the water in western Changan, China in 120 B.C. during Tang Dynasty.

According to "Kokon Chomon ju" (A Collection of Tales Heard, Past and Present), painting of Sagano Kotakagari was about Suetsuna shosho who lived vicinity of Oi-gawa River.

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