Konoha-don (egg rice bowl with kamaboko) (木の葉丼)

Konoha-don, also referred to as Konoha-donburi, is a kind of donburimono (rice dish) which is commonly served in Osaka and Kyoto area.

It looks like Oyako-don (bowl of rice with chicken and egg, literally, parent and child rice bowl), but thinly sliced kamaboko (boiled fish paste) is used instead of chicken to cook with lightly beaten chicken eggs. Depending on what one likes, shiitake mushrooms, green onions and so on can be added. As it can be made of inexpensive ingredients, it is popular as a common home cooking and is also on the menu of inexpensive restaurants as a standard dish.

It is said that the name came from the comparison of the kamaboko to the tree leaves fluttering down, but the origin is unclear.

In Ishikawa Prefecture, konoha-don is served with the name of 'Tamago-don' (donburimono with egg) at some restaurants.

Similar dishes

In Kansai area, there are other donburimono which are similar to Oyako-don: Wakatake (young bamboo)-don (bamboo shoot is cooked with lightly beaten egg), Haikara (stylish)-don (bits of fried tempura batter is cooked with lightly beaten egg), Kinugasa (umbrella)-don (deep-fried tofu is cooked with lightly beaten egg) and so on. Although Kinugasa-don is a standard dish in Kyoto, in other cities, for example Kinki region including Kobe, Osaka and so on, it is sometimes served as Kitsune-don. At some restaurants, some usuage (thin deep-fried tofu) is added to Konoha-don.

In other areas, even just the name is rarely found.

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