Kuki-cha (Twig Tea) (茎茶)

Kuki-cha is one of Japanese green teas. It is also called bocha.

This tea is made by mixing burgeons, footstalks, stems of sprouts taken from a tea plant (Camellia sinensis). It can also be produced by collecting stems removed during the process of non-powdered green tea or powdered green tea production. Kuki-cha can also be produced from Gyokuro (refined green tea). Such a high-grade tea is especially called Karigane or Shiraore twig tea. By roasting Kuki-cha, Hojicha (roasted green tea) may also be created.

It is savory (aromatic) and creamy, and has a mild taste. It is considered appropriate to brew for 3 minutes in hot water at 70 to 80 degrees C (Celsius) or 155 to 180 degrees F (Fahrenheit). If it takes too much time for brewing or the temperature of the hot water is too high, it will have a bad taste (which is common in any tea to some extent).

It is also used for macrobiotics, and may be used in mixture with juice.

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