Kyo ningyo (dolls) (京人形 (人形))

Kyo ningyo is a general term for luxurious Japanese dolls, which have been traditionally made around the city of Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture. Kyo ningyo, which were cherished as a favorite toy by daughters of nobles in the Heian period, have been made by craftsmen in Kyoto and were appreciated as gifts from Kyoto back in the Edo period.

Due to its delicate characteristics, the production process is divided into several phases, with each phase employing smaller tasks. Kyo ningyo is a traditional craft of Japan and is registered as a Regional Collective Trademark.

Types of Kyo ningyo

Isho ningyo (costume dolls)
Sekku ningyo (festival dolls) (Hinamatsuri [the Dolls' Festival], Tango [the Boys' Festival]), Ichimatsu ningyo (play dolls), Fuzoku ningyo (costume dolls with historical themes)
Kibori ningyo (carved wooden dolls)

Saga ningyo (dolls originating in Saga)

- Gosho ningyo (palace dolls)

Kamo ningyo (dolls originates from Kamo-jinja Shrine)

A famous Kyo-ningyo maker

Komao HAYASHI (Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property [Living National Treasure])

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