Kyogoku Toho (京極東宝)

Kyogoku Toho is a Toho-affiliated movie theater that was located in Shinkyogoku Shijo, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

1911: The 'Sanyu Club,' which was the forerunner of Kyogoku Toho, was founded. 1916: The 'Sanyu Club' re-opened under the name the 'Sanyu Theater' in 1916, having burnt down in 1916 (it later closed down in 1945).

December 19, 1954: 'Kyogoku Toho Theater' opened as a first-run theater for foreign films.

July 1973: It re-opened after a complete renovation (with a seating capacity of 418 at that time).

July 1996: 'Kyogoku Toho 2' and 'Kyogoku Toho 3' opened.

September 2005: It was announced that Kyogoku Toho would close.

January 28 and 29, 2006: The last show, titled 'Machi (Kawaramachi) no hi yo, arigato (Thank you, and Goodbye to Our City Lights),' was performed at Kyogoku Toho together with Kyoto Takarazuka Theater before they closed. The last film shown was "River of No Return." Also, 'Kochi Toho 1, 2, and 3,' another Toho-affiliated movie theater in Kochi City, closed on the same day.

December 11, 2008: 'Super Hotel Kyoto Shijokawaramachi,' a business hotel, opened on the Kyogoku Toho site.

Features of the theaters
Theater 1 was located on the first basement floor, and theaters 2 and 3 were on the fourth floor of the building. The seating capacity in each theater is the number recorded at the time of closure.

Kyogoku Toho 1
Capacity of 308
It specialized in foreign films as well as Japanese films, which sold well. In the closing days, it was mainly showing the films of TOHO Cinemas Scalaza.

Kyogoku Toho 2
Capacity of 139
It was mainly showing the films of Hibiya Theater, followed by the films of TOHO Cinemas Yurakuza.

Kyogoku Toho 3
Capacity of 100
It was mainly showing the films of TOHO Cinemas Miyukiza.

Each theater was compatible with Dolby Digital and Digital Theater Systems in the final phase of its operation.

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