Kyoto Cultural Exhibition (京都文化博覧会)

Kyoto Cultural Exhibition is an exhibition which is held in Kyoto.


This was initiated by Kyoto University students (returnees [children of families that have returned to Japan after long stays overseas]) who planned "to communicate the charms of Japan to the world". The plans included the 'Japan's Charms to be Introduced to the World' exhibition, performances and booths by celebrities in various fields, and so on. They were held at 'Shin-puh-kan', a commercial complex in the city. It was visited by approximately 14,000 people.


It was the development of the 'Student Guide Competition' which was held by some members of a student interpreter/guide organization in Kyoto in 2006. The first one was held on November 3, 2007. The name of the sponsor group is 和s (pronounced wasu, which means [cultural] things Japanese). The main members of the group are college students in Kyoto.

Major projects

"Talking about Japan" contest

It was a proposal made by its Executive Committee as a new method to introduce Japanese culture. It was intended not only to show traditional performing arts, but also to introduce Japanese thoughts behind them. Before and after each performance, pre-selected students (including overseas students) explain the spiritual nature ('Japanese minds') behind traditional arts, and also how they are reflected in the present age.
Contest form

The winner at the first Kyoto Cultural Exhibition introduced Budo (martial arts) (Kendo [Japanese art of fencing]) from the viewpoint of the Japanese mind called 'ki' (will power and good spirits).

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