Kyoto Onuma soroe (the great military parade in Kyoto) (京都御馬揃え)

Kyoto Onuma soroe was the great military parade in Kyoto which was staged by Nobunaga ODA on April 11, 1581.


This parade was held in the east of Kyoto Dairi (Imperial palace). Beginning with Nagahide NIWA and Katsuie SHIBATA, it was a great parade that mobilized every armies of the Oda army, with the exception of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI who headed the Chugoku army. Emperor Ogimachi was invited, and those court nobles, who were well acquainted with horse-back archery technique including Sakihisa KONOE, were given permission to take part in the parade.

It is thought that the aim of the parade was for Nobunaba ODA who professed himself as "Nobunaga ODA Tenka fubu" (Nobunaga ODA governs the entire world) to restrain the surrounding Daimyo and to display his power. As a result, Nobunaga let known both inside and outside of Kyoto that peace has come back to Kyoto and that the Oda clan has gained control of the world. Furthermore, there are two theories regarding Nobunaga ODA's reasons for inviting the Emperor and court nobles: that it was to overpower the Imperial Court, and that it was the Emperor who had requested to see the parade.

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