Kyoto Prize in the Basic Sciences (京都賞基礎科学部門)

The Kyoto Prize in the category of Basic Sciences is a prize awarded to an scientist for outstanding achievements in his or her respective field. The fields covered by this category include the four fields of "Biological Sciences," "Mathematical Sciences," "Earth and Planetary Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics," and "Life Sciences."

Recepients of the Kyoto Prize in the category of Basic Sciences

1985: Claude Elwood SHANNON
1986: George Evelyn HUTCHINSON
1987: Jan Hendrik OORT
1988: Avram Noam CHOMSKY
1989: Izrail Moiseevich GELFAND
1990: Jane GOODALL
1991: Edward Norton LORENZ
1992: Yasutomi NISHIZUKA
1993: William Donald HAMILTON
1994: Andre WEIL
1995: Chushiro HAYASHI
1996: Mario Renato CAPECCHI
1997: Daniel Hunt JANZEN
1998: Kiyoshi ITO
1999: Walter H. MUNK
2000: Walter Jakob GEHRING
2001: John Maynard SMITH
2002: Mikhael Leonidovich GROMOV
2003: Eugene Newman PARKER
2004: Alfred George KNUDSON, Jr.
2005: Simon Asher LEVIN
2006: Hirotsugu AKAIKE
2007: Hiroo KANAMORI
2008: Anthony James PAWSON

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