Kyoto Prize in the Category of Arts and Philosophy (京都賞思想・芸術部門)

The Kyoto Prize in the category of Arts and Philosophy is a prize awarded to an artist or philosopher for outstanding achievements in his or her respective field.
The fields covered by this category include the four fields of 'Music,' 'Fine Art,' 'Film and the Dramatic Arts,' and 'Philosophy/Theory.'
The recepient of the prize is awarded a certificate and medal, as well as a cash prize of 50 million yen. The field for which the prize is awarded changes every year, with the prize being awarded to each of the four respective fields once every four years.


1985: Olivier MESSIAEN
1989: John CAGE
1993: Witold LUTOSLAWSKI
1997: Iannis XENAKIS
2001: Gyorgy LIGETI
2005: Nikolaus HARNONCOURT


1986: Isamu NOGUCHI
1990: Renzo PIANO
1998: Nam June PAIK
2002: Tadao ANDO
2006: Isei MIYAKE

Theater, Cinema

1987: Andrzej WAJDA
1991: Peter Stephen Paul BROOK
1994 Akira KUROSAWA
1999: Maurice BEJART
2003: Tamao YOSHIDA
2007: Pina BAUSCH

Thought and Ethics

1988: Paul THIEME
1992: Karl Raimund POPPER
1996: Willard Van Orman QUINE
2000: Paul RICOEUR
2004: Jurgen HABERMAS
2008: Charles Margrave TAYLOR

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