Kyoto Shoin (京都書院)

Kyoto Shoin was at one time a publishing company in Kyoto that published large numbers of art books. It was founded in September 1924 and established in 1949. The art books, which made use of refined color printing, met the needs of the readers and became the rage of the times, but the company went bankrupt in June 1999.
The indebtedness amounted to 2,200,000,000 yen
A monthly magazine called "Bi-to-Kogei" (Beauty and Art), unique sumptuous books, and pocket-size art collections earned popularity. The sumptuous books, which were its leading products, were sold to as many as 50,000 customers, and the company was aggressively advancing overseas. Currently, these books are distributed to bookstores throughout the country by Miyaobi Publishing Company, also of Kyoto, as the sales agency.

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