Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification Test (京都・観光文化検定)

Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification Test, for `Kyoto Expert Certification,' is a certification test covering knowledge about a particular place that is held by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce.

It has been annually held since 2004. It had been getting attention through reports generated by the mass media long before the first certification test was held. A flood of applications, not only from around Kyoto, but also from all over Japan for the certification test were received, which spurred certification testing for a particular place to be spread throughout Japan.

Test purpose

Your knowledge about Kyoto will be certified by `Kyoto Expert Certification.'
(knowing Kyoto, lifelong education, as a host, and utilization of your knowledge for jobs, etc.)

Eligibility for admission to take the examination

No eligibility requirement (anyone who can take the test at the designated test site. those who want to take the First Level need to have passed the Second Level)

Examination fee

Third Level: 3,150 yen, Second Level: 4,200 yen, First Level: 6,300 yen (tax included in all levels)

Range of possible questions

General knowledge related to Kyoto including history, historical sites, shrines, temples, architecture, gardens, arts, traditional industrial arts, traditional culture, entertainment areas, festivals and events, Kyo-ryori (local cuisine of Kyoto), Kyoto Confectionary, customs, dialects and folk tales, geographical names, natural resources, tourism, etc.
(more than 90% of the third level questions are from the third level official text, more than 70% of the second level questions are from the second level official text, and the first level questions are in reference to the first level official text)

Answering methods

The second level and the third level use a marking sheet, a number of questions is within 100 (90 minute time limit), and the first level uses a description format, the number of questions is 50 and the thesis method (90 minute time limit)

Passing score

70% or higher for the second and third level, 80% or higher for the first level

Announcement of test results

Test results are mailed to examinees at a later date.
(successful applicants with a perfect score are commended, and a gathering for the people who pass the first level will be held)

Test site

Shimmachi Campus, Doshisha University, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University, Fukakusa Campus, Ryukoku University, Main Campus, Otani University

Text book

Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification Test Official Text Book (revised version)
Tankosha Publishing Co., Ltd. 2,100 yen (tax included) ISBN 4473032450
The second Kyoto Expert Certification questions and explanations
Kyoto Shimbun Publishing Center 1,200 yen (tax included) ISBN 4763805754
The first Kyoto Expert Certification questions and explanations
Kyoto Shimbun Publishing Center 1,000 yen (tax included) ISBN 4763805568

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