Manganji Togarashi (manganji pepper) (万願寺とうがらし)

Manganji Togarashi is one of the spring Kyo-yasai (specifically certified vegetable varieties grown in Kyoto.)
It is a specialty of Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture.

Manganji Togarashi was produced as a crossbreed of Fushimi Togarashi pepper and a large introduced specie of California Wonder pepper at Maizuru City at the end of the Taisho era, and it was named after the Manganji district where it was produced.

Its characteristics are that flesh of fruit is large, thick, soft, and sweet with fewer seeds, and is easier to eat, and it is called the "king of peppers" due to its large size.

It is listed in the "Firstly certified vegetable items" designated by Kyoto Prefecture to increase and spread the appeal of "Traditional Kyo-yasai" widely throughout the country.

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