Manzaburo UMEWAKA (the third) (梅若万三郎 (3世))

Manzaburo UMEWAKA the third (1941-) is a Noh actor, of shite-kata (main roles) of Kanze school.

He was born as the eldest son of Manzaburo UMEWAKA, the second, in 1941. His real first name is Makio. He studied under his father. He debuted in 1944. He played a main role for the first time in 1948. He won the Osaka Culture Festival Gold Award in 1997. He succeeded the professional name Manzaburo UMEWAKA the third, in 2001. Since he joined the Japan Noh Troupe's first performance tour to Europe in 1967, he has been active in overseas performances.

His eldest son is Norinaga UMEWAKA and the second son is Hisanori UMEWAKA.

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