Misho school (未生流)

Misho school is one of the schools of flower arrangement, founded by Ippo MISHOSAI. It is known as a traditional school of flower arrangement, with its activities based in west Japan.

It was founded by Ippo MISHOSAI and Koho MISHOSAI in 1807 in the late Edo period. It was during the age of Kasei Culture when the culture of merchant class people greatly flourished at the time of the school's establishment, and Misho school that was founded by Ippo MISHOSAI attracted many disciples and made a great progress. The place of foundation was Osaka of Settsu Province (current Osaka).

Subsequently for a long period of time, including some recessions, the 'Misho school' developed its activities mainly in the Kansai region and became popular over the western part of Japan. In the period of modern Showa, the school had boasted its prosperity before the World War II, but was then forced to decline during the wartime. It regained its power after the World War II.

During the initial stage of practicing the flower arrangement, Ippo MISHOSAI, the founder of Misho school, formed a core of its basic philosophy associated with the religious concepts of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. And then, the philosophy was succeeded by later generations into the thought that people may tranquilize their minds by practicing the flower arrangement.

One of techniques Misho school has adopted is to arrange flowers in the shape of an isosceles right triangle.
And the school is characterized by its own style of flower arrangement with intent to express a religious concept that the world is composed of 'heaven, earth and human being.'

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