Mokugyo-daruma (木魚達磨)

Mokugyo-daruma is a Japanese specter included in a specter art collection book entitled "Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro" by Sekien TORIYAMA and is the Tsukumo-gami of a Mokugyo (wooden fish, temple block).

It is drawn as daruma-like figure to which a Mokugyo has changed and in the explanation it is described as the same kind as Hossu-mori which is a specter of a Buddhist altar article like Mokugyo.

Mokugyo was originally made to tell the trainee monks to undergo sleepless training as a fish keeps its eyes open day and night. Also it is said that Bodhidarma who is the origin of Daruma's face underwent training without sleeping for nine years. Based on these, it is said that Mokugyo-daruma is a fictive specter drawn by synthesizing Mokugyo and Daruma under the theme of sleeplessness.

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