Kanze Motomasa (観世元正)

Motomasa KANZE (1930-1990) was a shite actor (a principal actor) of the Kanze school of Noh. The twenty-fifth head of the Kanze family. He announced himself as Sakon KANZE.

He was the eldest son of Motoshige KANZE. He published "Kanze Ryu Showa Taiseiban Yohon" (Complete Collection of the Kanze School Noh Songs Composed in Showa Period). This is the existing Kanze school Noh song books officially approved by the Kanze family.

His eldest son is Kiyokazu KANZE, the second son is Yaemon YAMASHINA (later changed his name as Yoshihiro KANZE), and the third son is Yoshinobu KANZE.

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