Murasakino Senke school (a school of tea ceremony) (紫野千家流)

Buke style (samurai style) Murasakino Senke school is considered to have descended from Imasawa school inherited by the family of karo (chief retainer) of the Owari Tokugawa family.

After being commonly practiced for a long time at Sado club (a tea ceremony club) in the National Defense Academy, the school decided to receive a new head from the Omotesenke school as a successor to their first head, Gesshi AKINO (秋野月紫), when he died in 2006.

There is another school with the same name, but nothing is known about their linealogy.

At first, Gesshi AKINO got his training at Imasawa school, a lineage of Daitokuji school which had been inherited by the karo family of Owari Tokugawa family. Subsequently, when the head of Imasawa school died and the school itself ceased to exist, he continued training himself of the tea ceremony at Omotesenke school, Dainihon Chado Gakkai (Japan Association of the Tea Ceremony) and other schools.

Eventually, he set up a new school of the tea ceremony following an advise of a councilor of Omotesenke school that he had better cultivate his own way of the tea ceremony. Probably because his new school was based on Imasawa school, its tea serving manner was of conservative samurai style.

From 1955 to 2006, he had been an instructor of the tea ceremony at Sado club of the National Defense Academy. Even after the decease of the first head, practices of his school are continued mainly by his daughter and disciples with other followers of the school at army posts of the Self-Defense Forces and other classes. At present, the school is called Murasakino school.

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