Nippon (Newspaper) (日本 (新聞))

The "Nippon" was a newspaper first published by Katsunan KUGA on February 11, 1889. The "Tokyo Telegraph" that Katsunan had published the previous year was the predecessor of the Nippon.

Summary. The Nippon neglected supports from particular political parties and commercialism and was known by the spirit of defiance of sharply criticizing the government from the standpoint of the public. Because of Katsunan's policy that placed little value on business, the Nippon had a small circulation and lasted only for eighteen years until 1908.

However, in the "Nippon" many representative writers in the Meiji period such as Katsunan, the editor, and Shiki MASAOKA gathered and they greatly influenced the following literary world.

It was in this newspaper that MASAOKA Shiki translated foreign baseball terms into Japanese.

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