Nochi no Hina (後の雛)

Nochi no Hina refers to Hina dolls displayed on August 1st (old calendar) or September 9th (old calendar) in the Edo Period, or to displaying them.

Some people were not satisfied only with Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival) on March 3rd (old calendar) in the spring and displayed Hina dolls again on the seasonal festival days in the fall. It is said to have probably begun in the Jokyo or Genroku era in the Edo Period.
About the Shotoku era, 'Kokkei Zatsudan' (Amusing stories) says 'Many girls enjoy it on September 9th now, Haikai (seventeen-syllable verse) names this Nochi no Hina,' and 'Ireko makura' (Nesting pillow) says 'Though Kyoto and Naniwa still have Nochi no Hina as the second Hinamatsuri, it is not respected as one in March, and they display the Hina dolls on Hassaku (August 1st in the lunar calendar) in Muro, Harima.'
And there is the poem, 'Hina dolls are displayed on Hassaku in Ise' in 'Zoku Gogen Shu' (Continued Gogen Haiku Poets Collection). Though it was held on the Chrysanthemum Festival in September or the first day of August, it was not popular like Hinamatsuri in March, and it is said to have died out at some point.

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