Nogaku Kyokai (The Nohgaku Performers Association) (能楽協会)

Nogaku Kyokai is an organization comprised of nogakushi (Noh actors) who belong to the schools that have directly inherited the methods of Yamato-yoza or Yamato-shiza (four sarugaku performance groups in the Yamato Province). Its official name is Koeki-Shadanhojin (Public Interest Incorporated Association) Nogaku Kyokai.

The performing art now known as nogaku was established during the Muromachi period by Kanami, Zeami, Onami and Zenchiku KONPARU, and during the Shokuho period, the so-called Yamato-yoza, consisting of Kanze-za, Hosyo-za, Konparu-za and Kongo-za, held a dominant position as a performing group which specialized in sarugaku (comical mimicry and speech performance), except for Kurokawa Noh.

During the early Edo period, Yamato-shiza was regarded as the official musical function of the Edo bakufu, and it was called Shiza Ichiryu, together with Kita-ryu, which was derived from Kongo-za. Nogaku Kyokai is an organization for the nogakushi who have inherited those schools that were part of Yamato-shiza and who are professionally involved in Noh performances, not the kind taken as a lesson by amateurs.

Admissions Requirements
To qualify for membership in Nogaku Kyokai, one is required to get referrals from a current member of the association and from the soke (head of family, originator) of the school, to which he or she belongs, and to be a nogakushi of one of the following schools; Kanze-ryu, Hosho-ryu, Konparu-ryu, Kongo-ryu and Kita-ryu for shite-kata (main roles); Takayasu-ryu, Fukuo-ryu and Hosho-ryu for waki-kata (supporting actors); Isso-ryu, Morita-ryu and Fujita-ryu for fue-kata (roles who play the flute); Ko-ryu, Kosei-ryu, Okura-ryu and Kanze-ryu for kotsuzumi-kata (small hand drum players); Kadono-ryu, Takayasu-ryu, Ishii-ryu, Okura-ryu and Kanze-ryu for otsuzumi-kata (large hand drum players); Kanze-ryu and Konparu-ryu for taiko-kata (drum players), and; Okura-ryu and Izumi-ryu for kyogen-kata (comic actors). Additionally, one must withdraw from Nogaku Kyokai when he or she goes out of business, which means that being a member of the association is in effect equivalent to being a regular nogakushi.

Even the schools that were once part of Yamato-shiza do not qualify for membership in the association if they have gone out of business like Kasuga-ryu of fue-kata. Although Za-ryu is still active in Sadoga-shima Island, it does not qualify, either.

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