Noryo-yuka (also called as Noryo-doko - breeze-enjoying floor) (納涼床)

Noryo-yuka (Noryo-doko) or the riverbed (in general, for the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River water system), it is pronounced as 'kawayuka;' for Kifune or Takao in Kyoto, it is pronounced as 'kawadoko') is one of the poetic sceneries of the Kyoto summer. Restaurants or teahouses may set tables and offer cuisine near rivers or outdoors so that the river can be seen well.

From around May to September, it is possible to enjoy this in various places in Kyoto city such as Kamogawa, Kibune, Takao, and Takagamine.

Kamogawa-Noryoyuka (wooden floors set by the Kamo-gawa River)

From Nijo to Gojo, about 90 restaurants are lined up. Besides Kyo-ryori (local cuisine of Kyoto), because Chinese cuisine and grilled meat can be selected, one can readily enjoy the breeze-enjoying floor. Moreover recently, the popular chain cafe Starbucks Coffee has opened their Kyoto-sanjo-ohashi branch utilizing a breeze-enjoying floor; one can feel the flow of the era there.

Basically, the breeze-enjoying floor is mainly for enjoying the cool evenings; but in May or September, one can also enjoy the coolness of the daytime as well.
(To preventing food poisoning, the daytime cool floor is not opened for business in July and August.)

The Kibune Riverbed

Walking a little bit from Kibuneguchi Station towards Kibune-jinja Shrine, one can find about 20 restaurants displaying these floors. One can enjoy Kyo-ryori (Japanese cuisine of Kyoto) and Nagashi-somen (flowing somen noodles). It is a floor full of nature and overflowing with emotion.

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