Nukiemon (抜衣紋)

Nukiemon is a method of wearing a kimono.

The kimono is worn in such a way that it's pulled low at the back of the neck to show the neckline.

This method is thought to have been created to prevent the dishevelment of hairdos such as tabo (the back part of the Japanese hairstyle protruding backward) as well as stains on or damage to the collar.

After katayama (the top of the shoulder) is slid backward, the collar at the back of the neck is bent into a U- or V-shape to fit the tabo and is then pulled lower in alignment with the tabo.

Unless the kurikoshi (the length from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the collar at the back) is adjusted when a kimono is sewn, the collar cannot be fully pulled.

Kurikoshi ranges in size from about 1 cm to about 5 cm, and whether or not to wear a kimono beautifully depends on the manner in which the collar is pulled.

Volume 93 of 'Matsunoya Hikki' (an essay dating from the Edo period) said, 'In many cases, the collar is pulled in the wrong way.'

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