Obi ita (cardboard belt to stiffen the obi sash) (帯板)

An obi ita is an accessory used to set the shape of obi (sash). Another name : maeita.

It is a plate-like accessory that is made by putting cloth on the cardboard-made padding, and people use it by inserting it in the front face of obi.

As it is a tool to arrange the shape of obi, it is devised to keep the shape of obi even when obi is fastened in a complicated manner.

The size of products varies widely from the one for girls whose size is similar to adults' palm to the one that can press the entire front of obi.

Nowadays people can show their obiita with lace plastered from the rim of obi, and obiita is becoming a kind of accessory rather than an aid tool for wearing kimono.

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