Ongyoku (musical performance) (音曲)

In the early-modern times, the term "ongyoku" meant music or an art of musical performance. Although it has become almost an obsolete word today, its meaning has changed to indicate traditional arts covering mainly traditional Japanese music of early-modern times as well as other concerned music. Therefore, the term "ongyoku" often excludes ancient music and such religious music as gagaku (ancient Japanese court dance and music) and syomyo (chanting of Buddhist hymns). For your reference, "gagaku" was many a time called 'ongaku' ('music') or 'gaku' ('music'). Today, the word "ongyoku" is little used except some cases, and is usually called 'ongaku' ('music').

However, "ongyoku" is now used as an indication to solely auditory elements of those traditional arts excluding their visual elements.

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