Oyakodon (bowl of rice with chicken and egg) (親子丼)

Oyakodon is a rice bowl dish that uses boiled chicken and onion in warishita (stock mixed with soy sauce, mirin and sugar) over rice with egg. The name 'oyakodon' ("oya" meaning parent and "ko" meaning child) is derived from the fact that both chicken meat and chicken egg are used for the dish.

Oyakodon is the most common name, but some regions call it Oyako-donburi.

Toku YAMADA, the wife of the fifth family head of the spatchcock restaurant 'Tamahide' in Nihonbashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, first invented the dish in 1891. The original oyakodon only used chicken boiled in warishita and served with egg, ingredients such as onion and Japanese honewort were not used as they are today.

Also, as it is a derivative of oyakodon, the term is sometimes used to refer to a dish with raw salmon or salmon flake and salmon caviar. In this case, it may be called Kaisen oyakodon (Seafood oyakodon) to distinguish it from oyakodon.

There is another variation, oyako-udon (noodle) which is served with the ingredients of oyakodon with udon noodles.

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