Rinsenji group of Sekishu School (石州流林泉寺派)

The Rinsenji group of Sekishu school is one of the groups of buke sado (the tea ceremony of samurai family). It is a branch of the Nomura group of Sekishu school.

Kyusei NOMURA (野村休盛), a son of Kyusei NOMURA (野村休成) who was the sukiya kumigashira (a chief of the tea-ceremony division) of the shogunate, is said to be the founder of the Nomura group. Houn NARUSE (成瀬峯雲) who was a highly ranked disciple of Shingoro SUGAWARA (菅原新五郎), a merchant patronized by Satake family of Kubota Domain, started the class of chato (an offering of tea and hot water made to Buddha or the spirit of the deceased) at Rinsen-ji Temple in Tokyo, and the wife of the chief priest of the Rinsen-ji Temple, Shingetsu FUKUI (福井心月), succeeded Houn NARUSE to establish and serve as the first head of the Rinsen group. Houn NARUSE gave rise to a branch named Naruse group of Sekishu school. The Kokando group of Sekishu school was also split from the Rinsenji group.

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