Roppo (acting motion) (六方)

Roppo is an acting motion in Kabuki, Ningyo joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theater), and Buyo dance (classical Japanese dance). Roppo (六方) is also written in different Chinese characters (六法). It is a rough motion which exaggerates and beautifies the dandyism, gallantry, and so on.

In Kabuki, Roppo was initially used when actors are entering the stage, but today, it is used when they are leaving by the passage through audience to stage.

There are many kinds such as Tobi roppo (flying exit) by Benkei in "Kanjincho" (a Kabuki play), Katate (one hand) roppo, Ryote (two hands) roppo, Kitsune (fox) roppo, Tanzen roppo (swaggering walk), and Keisei roppo (courtesan exit).

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