Sempuku (千福)

Sempuku is a sake brand produced by MIYAKEHONTEN, a sake brewer in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

MIYAKEHONTEN was established in 1856. In 1916, it added 'Sempuku' in its brands of sake. The name 'Sempuku' derives from the names of its founder's mother and wife.

Sempuku' became its leader product and was catapulted into fame by a commercial song 'Gurasu wo Nozoku Furamingo' with a phrase 'what about a cup of Sempuku,' written by Hachiro SATO, composed by Taku IZUMI and sung by Dark Ducks (Naomi SAGARA sang at the beginning).

From 1975 to 1978, it became a sponsor of all the broadcasting of the Japan Series held at Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium (Kansai Telecasting Corporation, Fuji Network System) and the commercial song was played between innings (the words of the third verses were used and the title was changed to 'Sempuku to Shirokuma' [literally, Sempuku and a polar bear]). There are a lot of Orix Buffaloes fans at the time who remember the lyrical CM of 'Sempuku' burned into their brains with the brave figures of Braves players such as Yutaka FUKUMOTO and Hisashi YAMADA and the CM becomes legendary now.

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