Setotaisho (瀬戸大将)

Setotaisho is a Japanese specter that is introduced in "Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro" (One hundred bags in idleness) which is a collection of specters illustrations by Sekien TORIYAMA, and it is a type of Tsukumo-gami (gods to a variety of things) of chinaware.

A specter which looks like an assortment of setomono (ceramics which were originally made in the regions of Seto, Aichi Prefecture) is depicted as wearing an armor made up of setomono. It is not a specter that actually has a legend of some sort, but it is said to be depicted as a creation imaging Guan Yu, based on the analects of Cao Cao and Guan Yu who were the characters from "Sanguo Zhi" (History of the Three Kingdoms in China), and there is also a theory that it was depicting a struggle for power between two types of ceramics, setomono and chinaware.

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