Share (洒落)

Share' describes the way in which someone/something is refined and tasteful. When someone/something appears tasteful, it is described as 'shareru' (in its form of a verb).

A theory has it that the origin of the word comes from 'shareru,' which means 'exposed' ('sarasareru'), and it described the state in which someone/something achieved to be without an excess through exposure.

Words which relate to 'share'
It is used when someone's fashion or hairstyle are refined and tasteful.

It refers to bad 'share' (jokes). Here it refers to 'jiguchi' (paronomasia) in particular.

It refers to courtesans.

It refers to the popular literature of the mid Edo period which had red-light districts as its central theme.

It refers to a school of Haikai poetry started by Kikaku TAKARAI, who was one of Basho MATSUO's disciples.

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