Shimamono (imported tea caddy) (島物)

Shimamono is a type of classification of tea utensils.
Imported products made in China are called 'Karamono' and those made in Korean Peninsula are called 'Koraimono,' but all other imports are particularly referred to as 'Shimamono.'

Main types
Luzon: Earthenwares brought in via Luzon, Philippines (Refer to Chatsubo.)

Annan: Blue and white wares made in Vietnam.

Nanban: General term for Southeast Asian group Yakishime earthenwares.

Hannera: A type of Nanbanyaki.

Sahari: Refers to mainly copper mixed metals, but sometimes refers especially to Southeast Asian group products.

Koma: Lacquerwares made in Thailand and other countries, named as the colored lacquer painted in a concentric circle style resembles a koma (spinning top).

Kinma: Lacquerwares made in Thailand and Myanmar characterized by the fine line engraving pattern.

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