Shin-shu (Nouveau style beverages) (新酒)

Shin-shu is generally used in the following examples:

For a general outline of present day shin-shu Japanese rice wine, refer to the publication: 'Sake Fermentation.'

For Japan's National Tax Agency guidelines regarding present day shin shu Japanese sake (rice wine), refer to the publication 'Japan's National Tax Agency shin-shu production quality standard arbitrary items for mention.'

For the standing of shin-shu amongst Japanese rice wine brewed across the four seasons in Edo period Japan, refer to the publication 'Four-Season Brewing.'

Refer to the publication 'Azuchi Momoyama period Shin-shu' for the position of ancient shin-shu Japanese rice wine until mediaeval times.

Refer to publications about wine for 'nouveau' style wines.

Refer to shochu (distilled spirit) related publications regarding 'nouveau' style shochu.

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