Shiyu no Utage (四雄の宴)

Shiyu no Utage is a public event of cheerleading clubs sponsored by K.K.D.R.UNIV. Cheerleader Union (the four private universities cheerleading league in Kansai region).


This event is held on the last day of September every year in the Great Staircase in the JR Kyoto Station Building (Muromachi Koji Square). With the opening of displaying flags of each university cheerleading club, the event warms up with chorus of school songs or cheerleading club's songs, and joint performances of brass band clubs or cheerleaders. The finale comes with a medley of cheerleading club songs of universities which join in K.K.D.R.UNIV. Cheerleader Union.

More than 3,000 visitors come to this event in recent years; since it is held in Kyoto, they give enthusiastic encouragement especially to the home team such as Doshisha University or Ritsumeikan University.

In 2005, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of K.K.D.R.UNIV. Cheerleader Union, Kyoto University Cheerleading Party and Kinki University Cheering Party, whose baseball teams join in the Kansai Big 6 Baseball League, was specially invited to this event.

The use of taiko drums of each cheerleading club was permitted until 1999; however, so much noise of taiko drums on the stage caused such an accident that a vibration sensor was activated making the Shinkansen stop. Since then, they have been refraining from using taiko drums.

In Ritsumeikan University Cheerleading Squad, a violent incident occurred; consequently, it was dissolved and terminated in 2008. There is no sign of reformation.

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