Shukuba Ichiya Yumekaido (One Night of Dream Road at Inn Town) (宿場一夜夢街道)

Shukuba Ichiya Yumekaido is a festival that takes place in Furuichi, Sasayama City. It has received support from Hyogo Prefecture's 'power-up project' since 2008 and is held jointly with the neighboring district of Haganoshinden.

Coinciding with Jizo-bon (an event to commemorate Jizo as the protector of children), fantasy scenes are created by lighting up various sites of interest along the old travel road and within the district using different types of lighting such as colorful chochin lanterns (Japanese paper lanterns), lanterns and 'tankoro,' a bamboo andon (paper-covered lamp stand), in Furuichi, Sasayama City, which still retains the characteristics of an old inn town. Furthermore, wind chimes are hung under the eaves of houses, orchestrating a world of light and sound. There is a recreation of 'Furuichi yaki (Furuichi ware),' which was lost over 200 years ago, with 60 wind chimes handmade by the local residents. There is an on-site sale of local traditional crafts, handicraft items and paintings inside general residential houses and stores. The precincts of Shishinzan Sogen-ji Temple, which is associated with Ako roshi (lordless samurai of the Ako domain), co-host the event. Various events are held there, and at night stalls are set up in the vicinity.

A wood-frame stage is set up in front of Furuichi Station (Hyogo Prefecture), and dances including Dekansho bushi are performed, thus creating a festive atmosphere.

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