Shunnichi school (春日流)

The Shunnichi school is an extinct school of fue-kata (flute players) in Nohgaku (the art of Noh).

Ichiemon Motomichi (元道) ASAZAWA, who was a follower of a flute master named Hikobei FUE, established the head family, and his son named Ichiemon Kagemichi began to use the family name Shunnichi. They had a great influence as leading fue-kata for the Kanze school during the Edo period, but they became extinct after World War II.

It is thought that their performance style and music scores were quite similar to those of the Morita school, and additionally, they also had some features that the Fujita school also had; for example, they gave 'okuri' (literally, "send-off") and 'shirase' (literally, "announcement") blows before and after an intermission.

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