Soen-kei Group of Sekishu-ryu School (a school of tea ceremony for samurai family) (石州流宗猿系)

Soen-kei group of Sekishu-ryu school is a group in buke sado (the tea ceremony of samurai family)
It is one of Sekishu-ryu school. The group has the lineage of Hatamoto (direct retainer of the shogun), since Sadanobu KATAGIRI (Tsuruchiyo in childhood) who was the oldest son of Sadamasa KATAGIRI, the founder of the school, was appointed to Hatamoto of 1,000 koku (approximately 180 thousand liters of crop yield) and called himself Nobutaka SHIMOJO, and had been inherited to the seventh head, Soen KATAGIRI, from father to only one child. It had been called just Sekishu-ryu school until the early Showa period, but to distinguish itself from other schools of Sekishu-ryu school, it took its name from the title of Nobukata in the seventh head, Soen, and changed its name to Sekishu-ryu chado Soen kei (Japanese tea ceremony Soen-kei group of Sekishu-ryu school). Soen KATAGIRI's group of Sekishu-ryu school was started out by disciples of Sowa ISOGAI in the ninth head.

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