Sotoba Komachi (卒都婆小町) (卒都婆小町)

Sotoba Komachi is a Noh play. In Kongo school, the title is written using Chinese characters, "卒塔婆小町." It is also known as "Sotowa Komachi" (Kanze School) and "Sotowa Gomachi" (Kita School). This play was written by Kanami. This is a leading work of "Komachimono" which feature Ono no Komachi, as the main character. It is one of Nanakomachi (the collective name for seven works which feature Ono no Komachi, a leading character).

Having found an old beggar woman sitting on a Sotoba (a curved Buddhist statue), a monk of Mt. Koya admonished her and started to give her a lecture; but, on the contrary, the woman quelched him with her argument. The monk was surprised and asked her name. She said that she was a shadow of her former self, Ono no Komachi. She started to talk about her past. However, she was possessed and distressed by the ghost of Shii-no-shosho (lowest general of Junior Fourth Rank) who had visited her by yearning for her love but couldn't fulfill his wish.

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