Suzuriarai (literally, washing ink stone) (硯洗い)

Suzuriarai (literally, washing ink stone) is an event carried out on July 6 in the lunar calendar in preparation for welcoming the Tanabata Star festival. It is a seasonal word used in early autumn.

This event was intended to use for praying for improvement in study; children wash and purify their lesson materials which they used everyday in order to repay them for their work.

Besides the ink stone, things such as brushes and a desk, were included as lesson materials.

This event is connected to Michizane SUGAWARA known as the god of learning, and it is assumed that the origin of the event were Shinto rituals of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (Kyoto); leaves of mulberry paper are offered to an ink stone that had been washed and purified.

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