Tako to Ama (The Dream of the Fishermans Wife) (蛸と海女)

"Tako to Ama" is a woodblock print by Hokusai KATSUSHIKA, which was included in the enpon (pornography) "Kinoe no Komatsu" published around 1820. It depicts a woman enjoying sexual pleasure with two octopuses. The small octopus is kissing her on the lips while the big octopus is giving her cunnilingus. Hokusai integrates animism and sexual dalliance in this work.


Big Octopus:
I've wanted you for such a long time; it is paying off today, and I finally got you!
How fatty your genitalia are!
This is better than what I've had. Now it's time to suck all of you off, and after making you full of joy, maybe I should take you to the Palace of the Dragon King.

What a nasty octopus!
You're sucking the mouth of my womb, making me breathless, and oh, I'm coming, your suckers, oh, your suckers, oh, I wonder what you're doing with these!
Oh, yes, oh, yes!
I've never expected this much from octopuses, and I can't believe it!

Big Octopus:
Yeah, yeah, you like the way my eight arms are all over you?
Oh, my, it's swollen inside, and love juice is coming out like water!

Oh, it's getting ticklish, and I'm getting weak in the waist. I'm losing control and coming!
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!

Small Octopus:
With my suckers, I'm going to rub and suck it all out from the clitoris to the pores!

It made a strong impact on a number of artists and imitated as follows:
Kaneto SHINDO directed the 1981 movie "Hokusai Manga," starring Ken OGATA and Yuko TANAKA, which depicted Hokusai's life.

David LAITY imitated the picture in the same English title, The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. He has insisted on its actual title being "Dancing With Katsushika Hokusai."

Masami TERAOKA included a picture called "Sarah and Octopus/Seventh Heaven" depicting the woman and the octopuses in his 2001 collection, "Waves and Plaguest."

A parody image featuring Flying Spaghetti Monsterism was made by Niklas Jansson, an artist.

A parody picture depicting the invasion of Martians, painted by John Pound, was also included in the comic magazine "Commies from Mars: The Red Planet."

The image of the picture appears in the first scene of the movie "Henry & June." Because of its sexually explicit content, it became the first NC-17-rated movie in the United States.

Makoto AIDA's works "The Giant Member Fuji Versus King Gidora" and "The member of the giant Ico Chan vs. King Gidora" are also among examples.

A great number of netsuke (miniature carving attached to the end of a cord hanging from a pouch) have been made on a similar subject in which women and sea creatures are engaged in sexual intercourse since the 17th century. Called tentacle rape, it is recognized today as a scene in cartoons and comics popular among pornography fans.

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