Tamago Dofu (Egg Tofu) (玉子豆腐)

Tamago dofu is a Japanese culinary dish.


Tamago dofu is a dish using dashi broth and chicken eggs, and although its name includes the word "tofu," it does not contain soy beans. This is because soft tofu-like foods often include 'tofu' (or 'dofu') in their names, just as almond jelly is called annin dofu.

As the recipe and ingredients of tamago dofu are almost the same as those of chawanmushi (steamed egg hotchpotch), the two dishes can be prepared at the same time by adjusting the amount of dashi broth.


Mix the dashi broth and chicken eggs, pour into a heatproof container and steam in a steamer pot. Since steaming too long causes the eggs to coagulate too much, which results in holes forming in the tamago dofu, it is advisable to place a cloth over the steamer pot and place the pot lid on the cloth so as not to cover the pot tightly. After steaming, let the tamago dofu cool slightly and then place in a refrigerator to cool.

The key is to ensure the amount of the dashi broth is twice the amount of the beaten eggs.

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