Sawamura Tanosuke VI (澤村田之助 (6代目))

Tanosuke SAWAMURA VI (August 4, 1932 -) is a kabuki actor. His yago (trade name) is Kinokuniya, Jomon (family crest) is kangiku (chrysanthemum and a ring), and kaemon (alternate personal crest) is Chidori (Plovers) with waves. His stage name for dance is 勘之 FUJIMA. He is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure). His real name is Muneo YAMANAKA.

He graduated from Shizuoka Prefecture Ito High School.

Other than being active as an actor playing female roles that succeeds the art of Sojuro SAWAMURA VII, he is among the members of Yokozuna Promotion [Deliberation] Council.

Chronological list of main events
He was born in Tokyo on August 4, 1932 as the eldest son of Tanosuke SAWAMURA V.

He made his first appearance on stage at Kabukiza theater in April of 1941, performing as Tsuruchiyo in "Meibokusendaihagi" (The Trouble in the Date Clan) and as Yasumatsu of "Takatoki" by the name, Yujiro SAWAMURA IV. Afterwards, he left momentarily from stage for school studies and wartime evacuation.

He returned to Kikugoro troupe in 1953.

He received Engekikai (world of the theater) award in April 1954 for the female role as Motome TERAZUKA in "Kosode Soga Azami no Ironui" (The Love of Izayoi and Seishin).

With his father's (Tanosuke V) retirement in 1964, he succeeded his name as Tanosuke SAWAMURA VI when he performed Konami of "Kudanme of Kanadehon Chushingura" (9th Act of The Treasury of Loyal Retainers), Ofune of "Shinrei Yaguchi no Watashi" (The Yaguchi Ferry and the Magic Arrows), and Kosuo of "Yoritomo no shi" (The Death of Yoritomo) at the Kabuki-za Theater on April of the same year.

He was awarded Shiju-hosho (Medal of Honor with the Purple Ribbon) in 1997.

He was designated as the individual holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure).

When the Yokozuna Akinori ASASHORYU raised his fists in triumph on the sumo ring where his victory had been decided, he commented 'I have long had the honor of seeing sumo, but I have never seen such a Yokozuna.'

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