Tawawa-chan (たわわちゃん)

Tawawa-chan is the mascot of Kyoto Tower, which is located in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto city.

It was originally a nameless mascot, designed for employee badges along with the tower's fortieth anniversary, and only given for free to business clients and the friends of employees. However, its reputation spread and it officially came into being in December 2004 after entries for its name were collected from the public. It was designed by SAKURAI DESIGN, a company in Osaka.


Name: Tawawa-chan
Sex: Female
Birthplace: In front of JR Kyoto Station
Personality: Placid and suave
Her most attractive feature: Fair-skinned and slender
Hobby: Looking out over the city of Kyoto
Favorite word: Sincerity
Most admired: Maiko (apprentice geisha)
Special Skills: Koto
Songs she likes: Maru Take Ebisu (a children's song to remember the major streets in Kyoto)

She likes "tall men,, and the mascot of Tokyo Tower, the "Noppon brothers, " got some chocolate from her on Valentine's day in February, 2007.


It was designed after the model of Kyoto tower.

Merchandise in her shape or with her picture is sold at Kyoto Tower as souvenirs.

There are wearable Tawawa-chan suits.

She appeared on the FNS 26-hour program "National Excitement! The biggest in history!! A special mid-summer quiz program festival for 26 hours straight! "What are the real claims to fame of the twenty-eight local FNS stations' hometowns?". She gets along with Pursa-kun and sometimes visits Sanga Town to see the Kyoto Sanga F.C. team's practices.

She speaks the Kyoto dialect.

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