Tea utensils (茶道具)

Tea utensils is a generic term for utensils used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

General tea utensils
Tea bowl
Chagama (iron tea ceremony pot) (Chagama or Furo)
Folding screen used for "Furo," a summer-style tea ceremony using a portable stove for boiling water
Chitose bon (a box-shaped tray used for Chitose-style tea service in Japanese tea ceremony)
Hanagata bon (a flower petal-shaped tray used for Hana-flower style tea service in Japanese tea ceremony)
Yamamichi bon (a tray with a slope-shaped edge used for tray tea service in Japanese tea ceremony)
Mizusashi (a water jug)
Mizutsugi (fresh water container)
Chasen (a bamboo tea whisk)
Chakin (Cloth used in the tea ceremony)
Chakin zutsu (a case to place chakin, a small cloth used in tea ceremony)
Kinto (tea cloth container)
Chaki (tea utensils
Chaire (tea container)
Natsume (a container for powdered tea)
Chashaku (bamboo tea spoon for making Japanese tea)
Futaoki (rest for the lid of a teakettle)
Kensui (waste-water container (for tea ceremony))
Pouch for a fukusa-silk cloth and other small items used for tea ceremony)
Fukusa (small cloth for wiping tea utensils)
Kobukusa (a small cloth used when looking at tea utensils in the hand in the tea ceremony)
Sensu (folding fan)
Kaishi (Japanese tissue)
kojakin (a small wet cloth to wipe a tea cup in tea ceremony)
Yoji kuromoji (a toothpick used for cutting sweets in tea ceremony)
Furidashi (shaker)
Kogo (an incense container)
Kakemono (a hanging scroll; a work of calligraphy or a painting which is mounted and hung in an alcove or on a wall)
Hanaire (a vase, basket)

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