Tento (the sun, providence, god) (天道)

Tento is the sun god in Japan.

Described in this paragraph.

Heaven (Buddhism)
It is one of rokudo (six posthumous worlds), the world where gods and tennin (heavenly beings) live.

Tento Station. It is a name of a station.

Tendo (new religion). And the philosophy of the religion.

Tento as the sun god

Tento is the sun god in Japan. The sun. The sun disk. "Oh-sama." The sun is called "ohi-sama" even without religious faith. Other than this word, there are words of otsuki-sama (moon) and ohoshi-sama (stars).


Called as otento-sama generally, the sun is enshrined as a god. Furthermore, in tendo belief, there is a word, tendo, which means a child of hi no kami (the sun goddess i.e. Amaterasu Omikami) too. A ladybird (tento-mushi) is also common. For place names, there are Tendo, Tenpaku Ward, Nagoya City; Tendo, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; and Mt. Tendo in Nagashima-cho, Izumi County, Kagoshima Prefecture, etc.

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