Kanze Tetsunojo (観世銕之亟)

Tetsunojo KANZE is the name used mostly after the Meiji period, by the head of a branch family of the Kanze family, the head family of Kanze school of Nohgaku. According to the family tree, it is counted as the ninth.

In the mid Edo period (in 1752), Motoakira KANZE, the 15th family head of Kanze school, made his younger brother Kiyohisa KANZE establish a branch family. After that, it was treated as much as the head families of four schools of Nohgaku. At present, a 'branch family' refers to the Tetsunojo family in Kanze school. They preside over "Tessenkai" (a Noh performance group led by Tetsunojo Kanze).

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