The Kyoto Prize (京都賞)

The Kyoto Prize is the international award given to the people who made great contribution to science, technology and culture. It has started in 1984. Three prizes which are in the Advanced Technology category, the Basic Sciences category and the Arts and Philosophy category are given. The target of the prize is generally an individual. The prizewinner is given a Kyoto Prize medal, a diploma and 50 million yen as a supplementary prize. The selection has been made so as to complement the Nobel Prize.

Various educational events are held during the Kyoto Prize week, such as special classes by prizewinners in high schools, exchange programs with primary and junior high school students and forums for university students.

The Kyoto Prize is managed by the Inamori Foundation which was set up by Kazuo INAMORI who is chairperson emeritus of Kyocera Corporation and former kaito (society president) of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Advanced Technology category of the Kyoto Prizes
The Basic Sciences category of the Kyoto Prizes
The Arts and Philosophy category of the Kyoto Prizes

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