Tokatsu Eiga-sha Film Company (東活映画社)

Tokatsu Eiga-sha Film Company (established in 1931 - dissolved in 1932) is a film company once existed in Kyoto.

Brief History and Summary

When Toa Kinema, which had been managing 'Tojiin Studio' originally constructed by Shozo MAKINO in the precincts of Toji-in Temple in Kyoto in 1921, went into a slump in business in September 1931; 'Tokatsu Eiga-sha Film Company' was established as an agency of the said company.
Tojiin Studio became 'Tojiin Studio of Tokatsu Eiga-sha Film Company.'
Masatsugu TAKAMURA who had been the head of the studio under the management of Toa Kinema resigned, and Tatsugoro ABE (安倍辰五郎) became the head. ABE had produced the last movie of Toa Kyoto, "Satsunan Daihyotei Ogonhen," which had been released the next month on October 15, and the sequel to this movie produced with the same cast, "Satsunan Daihyotei Bannohen," was released on October 31 as the first movie after the establishment of Tokatsu Eiga-sha Film Company. This was a huge movie in which Taizan GOTO, Matsuo HASHIMOTO, Daisho HORIE and Jun SHIGEMASA joined as the directors, and Mitsusaburo RAMON, Komako HARA and Yukiko OGAWA as the cast.

The next year, in October 1932, 'Tokatsu' dissolved in a short term and Tojiin Studio was closed.
The next month TAKAMURA was reinstated and bought out Toa Kinema to establish 'Takarazuka Kinema.'
TAKAMURA's new company worked at Omuro Studio. Tojiin Studio was closed forever and put up for auction in May 1933. The last work by 'Tokatsu' was "Kessen Kojinyama," which was directed by Shigeru KANEDA and Rinzo OTOMO starring Ryunosuke TSUKIGATA; it was distributed by Takamura's 'Takarazuka Kinema' and released on December 31, 1932.

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