Tosa school (土佐派)

Tosa school (Tosa ha)

Background of the school
The Tosa school is a school whose Ryuso (a founder of school, an originator) was KASUGA no Motomitsu, a disciple of KOSE no Kinmochi of the Kose school and produced many famous painters.

This school of painting formed the transmission of techniques of pure Japanese painting, i.e., so-called Yamato-e painting, and dominated the Edokoro government office by heredity for about one thousand long years from the Heian period. It is a school that was proud of its tradition and power.

The origin of the school
The name of the school originated from the fact that Tsunetaka KASUGA, a grandson of Takayoshi KASUGA who was famous as the author of Genji monogatari emaki (Illustrated Handscroll of the Tale of Genji), left Nara, moved in Kyoto, served in the Imperial court, and was appointed as Tosa no Gon no kami (Provisional Governor of Tosa Province).

The school was sometimes called as the Kasuga school until Tsunetaka KASUGA left Nara, but after Tsunetaka, all members of the school took the name of Tosa.

Noteworthy branch group
Takanobu group *One of the members belonged to the Hosshoji group. The group's founder was FUJIWARA no Takanobu. Kakuyu TOBA from this group was a famous master.


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