Matsui Yukan (松井友閑)

Yukan MATSUI was a civil officer in the Azuchi-Momoyama period (the period of warring states in Japan). His place of birth has been variously given. It has been assumed that he was of the merchant class in Kiyosu, Owari Province according to a description in the "Shincho-ko Koki" (The Biography of Nobunaga ODA). Luis FROIS, on the other hand, mentioned that he had been previously a Buddhist priest, thus mystery still hangs over his origin.

After Nobunaga ODA entered Kyoto in 1568, Yukan was in charge of government affairs in Keiki (the area around Kyoto), appointed as Yuhitsu (amanuensis) of the Oda family. Approaching wealthy merchants in Kyoto and Sakai City, he urged them to provide noted tea utensils. He was appointed daikan (regional officer) of Sakai in 1575. Around this time he deepened friendship with Sogyu TSUDA, a wealthy merchant in Sakai. Mainly in charge of financial affairs in the Oda family, he was also a talented diplomat, seeking to make peace with Hongan-ji Temple.

Approaching Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI after the Honnoji Incident, he later flourished as daikan (governor) of Sakai. In 1586, however, he was suddenly dismissed, and his fate afterwards is unknown.

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