Aga no himemiko (Princess Aga) (阿雅皇女)

Aga no himemiko (648 - c. 709) was a princess of the Emperor Tenchi. Her mother was IGA no Uneme Yakako no iratsume.

Her name is not mentioned in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), and the authenticity of the description in 'Iga no kuni Meishoki' (an illustrated guide to notable places of Iga Province) that she was a sister-uterine of the Emperor Kobun is unknown. Therefore, some theories say that she is a fictional character.

Nihonshoki Tsusho (Interpretation of Nihonshoki) states as follows, but the details are unknown.
An excerpt from 信西國分 states as follows:'
Yakako no iratsume was a daughter of the gunji (district manager) of Yamada County, Iga Province.'
She had three children.'
The first one was the Prince Otomo.'
The second one was the Prince Aga.'
The third one was the Princess Aga (the reading is provided).'
Looking back, there was only one prince in the chronicles.'
Probably, some sentences are missing.'
Iga Fudoki (records of the culture and geography of the Iga Province) states as follows:'
Mt. Aga in Ahe (the reading is provided) County.'
The excerpt of Japanese names include Aga in Iga County.'
The History of Iga states as follows:'
On July 11, 709, during the reign of the Empress Genmei, the Princess Aga died at Sugisaka Station.'
She died on June 26 in Iga Province.'
Fuden (a taxation unit comprising households) was granted as usual.'

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